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The Past 8 Years’ Witness on Canton Fair

On the year 2003

     In the spring, sars expanded the whole country. Canton is the frontier of struggling against sars. The canton fair went on smoothly. It made the whole world relax.

     In the autumn, the population rebounded explosively and reached 150 thousand. Many words such as respirators, thermometer, isolation, disinfector had put into our memory.


On the year 2004

     Pazhou complex began to be used. The Canton fair become the second largest show: Brand zone brought you elegance and incredible beauty. The multinational purchasing groups started to attend the fair.


On the year 2005

     The customers reached 200 thousand. All the buyers and suppliers had their hands full. A variety of visitors got the benefits and inspiration from the show.


On the year 2006

     We were so lucky to attend the ceremony of 100th session canton fair. The canton fair brought us to look back at the past 50 years’ course. Let’s understand the reason that the canton fair became the base of the foreign trade.


On the year 2007

     The canton fair was renamed as China Import and Export Fair. The nation began to focus on our own brand.


On the year 2008--2010

     The whole Canton Fair were held in Pazhou Complex in 3 phases,new phases,new complex,new opportunities are waiting for you


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