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what can I do for wenchuan earthquake

I don't know what I should do for them at that time,
but I know my heart is beating and crying.
I don' t know what words I should speak to them to comfort them,
but I know many times I try to open vainly my mouth.
I don't know why my tears broke out from my eyes, watching CCTV news,
but I know the death and casualties are our brethren.
I don't know why the life of the died pupils are very short,
but I know they are almost as same ages as my son.
I don't know why the natural disaster happened on them,
but I know I am with them all live in the sky of China.
I don't know in the coming days what natural disaster will happen on us,
but I know we will be enable to overcome it and survive as long as we have love's confidences and steady belief.
I don't know whethrer the casualties can come back their home or not after earthquake disaster,
but I know their homes have become ruin and need to be rebuilt.
I don't know how all the chinese people without being injuried help the died and the survival in the Wenchuan magnitude earthquake,
but I know we can pray the God for an end to their sufferings.
I don't know what I should do for the died,
but I know that I can do nothing except praying peace and happy for them in the heaven!

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